How do I get started?

To get started, call 919-481-3137 and schedule your orientation lesson.

When should we start the dance lessons?

You should start thinking about your first dance in the earliest stages of your wedding plans. We recommend to start your lessons at least three to six months prior your wedding date.

What if I have two left feet?

Knowledge is the key! It can change your anxiety and anticipation. Learn to dance and keep it simple. Couples should begin with comfortable, rhythmic figures and build their knowledge and understanding before they add fancy moves.

What song do we choose?

Pick two or three “first dance” songs and work with them during your lessons. You might find that one song is much better than another to dance to as you practice your steps. Try to choose a danceable song with a consistent beat.

What should the length of the song be?

If you are able, try to keep the song three minutes or less. The old saying about being “too much of a good thing” is true when it comes to the first dance. Always leave your guests wanting more!

Do you offer lessons for father/daughter, mother/son dances too?

Yes definitely! You can also schedule a private group lesson for your family and friends.

What kind of choreography should we get?

Choreography should suit your music, your dance floor and your wedding attire.

What if I waited until the last minute?

If you are a last minute procrastinator, don’t despair. In just few individual lessons, we can help you get past the first dance jitters. We’ll teach you rhythm that corresponds to your first song and some simple dance steps to do when all eyes are on you.