Competition Program

Ready to take your dance to the next level?

Push yourself towards a higher standard of technical and artistic skills with our competition program.

Competition for All Levels

You don’t have to be a pro to take part in a ballroom competition. As a newcomer, you’ll compete only against other newcomers. As you refine your skills and climb the ranks, you’ll tackle progressively more difficult choreography and competitors.  

No Partner

What if I don't have a partner?

Many ballroom dance student don’t have a partner! Instead, they dance with their instructor in Pro/Am events. We offer coaching to both Pro/Am and amateur (Am/Am) dancers. 


Our instructors have competed at the highest level and understand how to train successful
competitive dancers. We keep it fun, but will continuously push you to meet your personal dance
goals. Our students regularly compete across the East Coast in levels from Newcomer to Champ. 

We offer:

  • Private Lessons for Competition Preparation

  • Routine Choreography for All Levels and Styles (Standard, Smooth, Rhythm, Latin, Country Dance)

  • Weekly Advance Technique and Drill Classes
    • In-Dept Weekend Technique workshops

    • Weekly Dedicated Floor Time for Competitive Partnerships Dancing Rounds

    • Practice Floor Time 

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Competitive and Social dances can be danced for the simple social pleasure or can be taken to the higher level, where people continue to have fun, but want to meet a higher standard of technical and artistic skills.

Dance competitions are a wonderful way to enjoy your dancing and can provide focus and fun for your individual lessons. Competitions are set up so everyone can participate from beginners to advanced dancers. Most students do not have a partner, instead they dance with their instructor (Pro/Am).