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First Dance| Father/Daughter Dance | Mother/Son Dance
Bridal Party Choreography | Reception Social Dance

First Dance| Father/Daughter Dance | Mother/Son Dance
Bridal Party Choreography | Reception Social Dance

Let Elite Ballroom wedding Dance specialists help you
to prepare for the most important day of your life.

Our dance teacher s have shown hundreds of brides and grooms
how to dance together with confidence and ease.

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Wedding Dance Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve been teaching ballroom dancing for over 15 years. Many studios hire people with NO dance experience, put them in two months of training , and send them to teach you because they run their businesses based on sales rather than dancing. We don’t use any sales pressure! You’ll get 100 percent commitment from our teachers regardless of your dancing skills or personal goals. We transform advanced dancing techniques into easy- to – understand concepts, which will help you become the best dancer you possibly can be. We know just where and when to make adjustments to you  footwork, patterns and technique with regards to your learning ability.   

Fill out this form to schedule your free orientation lesson. During this first lesson/consultation, we’ll talk about your wedding and hopes for your first dance. You can bring in the song you want to dance to, or we can help you to pick a song if you haven’t already chosen. We’ll recommend a dance to suit your song and design a special program for you.

You should start thinking about your first dance in the earliest stages of your wedding plans. We recommend to start your lessons at least three to six months prior your wedding date.

Knowledge is the key! Learn to dance and keep it simple. Couples should begin with comfortable, rhythmic figures and build their knowledge and understanding before they add fancy moves. We’ll work with you to build your skills until you feel comfortable getting out on the floor.

There’s no one perfect wedding song – pick something that is meaningful for you and your partner. Songs with a clear, consistent beat are easiest to dance to.  We recommend that you pick two or three “first dance” songs and work with them during your lessons. You might find that one song is much better than another to dance to as you practice your steps. 

3 minutes or less, if possible. The old saying about being “too much of a good thing” is true when it comes to the first dance. Always leave your guests wanting more!

Yes definitely! You can also schedule a private group lesson for your family and friends.

It’s up to you! Some couples choose choreographed routines, but you can also learn a series of steps and lead/follow technique so you can dance without worrying about a set routine. Regardless of your preferences, we’ll help you look fantastic during your wedding.

Remember, choreography should always suit your music, your dance floor and your wedding attire. What works for another couple online may not work for you, and that’s ok! Your instructors will guide you through creating a choreography that’s as unique as you are. 

If you are a last-minute procrastinator, don’t despair! In just few individual lessons, we can help you get past the first dance jitters. We’ll teach you rhythm that corresponds to your first song and some simple dance steps to do when all eyes are on you. Make sure you schedule your free orientation lesson as soon as possible so we can be sure you’ll get all the attention you need. 

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