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I am always on a natural high in their presence …

Tom-DeliaTuckerDelia and I have been taking lesson from Robertas and Inga of Elite Ballroom for over three years now. Seems like yesterday! During our first lesson it was clear that both were not only well trained and accomplished dancers, but more important to me, they simply loved to dance. I knew they would be committed to making their students the best possible. Now I know I was correct. Their unique way of teaching in a relaxed, non-threatening environment just makes me want to dance, dance, dance. I am always on a natural high in their presence.

We are now competing with Robertas and Inga and enjoying the competitive side of dancing. The high level of technical teaching they provide allows you to feel confident about your dancing ability. This confidence stands out on the dance floor and allows you to place higher in the competition. Prior to competing with Robertas and Inga, we always felt stressed out preparing for an event. Not the case anymore, WE HAVE FUN!!

Tom and Delia Tucker

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